When I saw this amazing villa, I have to admit that I was envious on the owner, but I’m pretty sure that someone who knows maybe I’ll also have one. The villa is beautifully set up to make you feel totally relaxed and totally at home. I know that a villa like this costs a few millions but when you look at the panoramic views that you have from this villa you almost forget about the price. A Balinese style pool house provides shade in which to read, dine or snooze away a hot summer afternoon. Step into the infinity pool that curves around the garden.

There are over 4,500 square meters of gardens. Lavender lined pathways provide panoramic views over the peninsula. A cornucopia of flowers bursts through rockery walls. Olive, Cyprus and eucalyptus trees give shape and shade; jasmine, rosemary and jacaranda perfume the entire estate. Soft, manicured lawns undulate to an aquamarine pool. A wooden footbridge leads to our two bedroom, magic garden, Tent house Suite. There is nothing about this house that I do not like and as a final word I have to say that this villa is a brilliantly stunning home. For more informations about this villa you can visit the