As many people know I am a huge fan of anything white.  White has been a very popular trend in design in recent years from the casual, Coastal Living style to the minimalist ice white design.  During this time of year, how do you incorporate holiday spirit without adding color?  Actually, neutral color schemes require the same balance all year round: texture, texture, texture.  Layers of texture and subtle color changes make neutrals work. For the holidays, adding in a bit of sparkle transforms your space into a wintery escape.  Clear glass, mercury finishes, glitter, metallic sheens coupled with earthy burlap textures, wool fabrics, tweed, raffia, and twigs create just the right balance of textures.  Here are a few ideas to try out in your home.  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Display & Decorated Glass Orbs at

Reindeer at & Holiday plates at

Gray has become the new black as of late. What better way to show off white elements than to put them in front of a gray backdrop. Notice how the textures of the pillows and screen work to reflect light and soften the deep gray sofa. Also, the simple glass vases in a multitude of shapes and colors add a bit of whimsy to the space.

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Mercury Candleholders at & David Stark Natural-Weave Trees at

Woodland elements with a modern twist are perfect for adding the layers of texture to a white space. Adding in garland and oversized ornaments can transform any mantel, console or buffet in an instant.

Lighting Display at

This post was a guest post by Kimberly Reuther. You can read more of Kimberly’s work at . Louis