Feel the need for some eccentricity to”light up” your crib? The Sirchester sofa was designed by Serralunga and it was especially created for outdoor decors. It was resembled with the famous English Chester sofa, being given that it offers the same amount of comfort and that it has a similar shape. However, Sirchester comes with an innovative illuminating system, perfect for a groovy partying environment. Although it is said that the couch was designed for the outdoors (it has an interior drainage system which dries up the sofa after a rainfall), we think it could also be integrated inside the home, in a funky, eccentric room, especially decorated for parties. We imagine it next to a pool table for example. This product is available in a variety of colors and it can be bought online for £950 (approx. US $1,450) at Made in Design. -via Bornrich