When you are planning to relocate to a new city you are excited with the possibilities your future has in store for you. Once the excitement settles in, you realize you need to find a place to live! If you’re fortunate enough to visit your future city and gather information while you’re there, this is all the better. While, for some this may not be an option and you will have to gather information long distance, by internet and by phone. Here are tips on how to choose a place to live when relocating to a new city.

  • Find resources you know first: People relocate for a variety of reasons, whether it for career, to live closer to family or to start life in a new location.  Whichever is your reason try and gain information through resources that you have already.  These could be your future employer – ask about housing information, demographics about the city, etc…. If you already know people where you are moving, ask them to send you online links to popular city information and have them help you look for a place to live.  When all else fails, the internet can be a great resource to start looking for anywhere in the world!
  • How to choose a type of dwelling: Your personal living lifestyle and your future city’s real estate opportunities will help dictate where you can live. If you are moving to a metropolitan area, you may like urban living but the price tag may be expensive for your budget.  While if you’re moving to a rural location, transportation and other factors will need to be assessed before choosing your location. Decide if it would help you to visit the city and talk to Realtors before you make this big decision. This will help you see the neighborhoods and choose what type of dwelling fits your lifestyle and budget.
  • Look for moving specials: Housing developers and apartment leasing companies are always offering incentives to move into their establishments.  If you’re working with a Realtor they can help you find these great buys. If you are looking on your own, focus on the type of dwelling, then the area of the city you’re looking for. Online, you may be able to find internet specials for new move ins. Specials can range from bonus items added to your new home being built or discounts in your monthly rent.  Also pick up/order apartment and housing guides in your future city that will advertise specials as well. Upgrades on finishes, superior lots and other incentives can leave you in a prime position for moving specials.
  • Family preferences may sway your decision: If this is a family relocation consider family factors such as schools, daycare centers, doctors, and local resources to your home. A local Realtor would be best to ask about these options to save you time and energy in researching.   If you are relocating for a job, ask your future employer if they can recommend housing areas for you. They can be a good resource, as they will have your best interest in mind.

Deciding to relocate to a new city can be one of the most rewarding experiences you have.  The decision as to where you live, what kind of home you live in and the amount of resources will be lifestyle choices you will need to consider. Use these tips as a guide and strongly consider using a Realtor, friend, or relative that already lives in the city to help you. What are you waiting for? Your future city is waiting on you!

Workingholiday Canada reader’s have you recently relocated cities? Are you yet to move and are nervous about choosing a place? Tell us your experience, we’d love to hear.