Some homes feature exquisite design elements that make them reach their full potential. These white, crater- patterned stairs are the focal point of the room. Designed by Croatian interior designer and architect Biljana Jovanovic, the Emmental Stairs evoke a creative approach to necessary architectural elements. Spot-like intrusions were used to create a fun atmosphere for a young family and their two children. The inhabitants of the apartment needed a set of stairs that would “harmonize with the historic ambiance of the apartment and their aesthetic requirements, but also add an extra touch to their living space“. The dining, living space and kitchen were delimitated and accentuated by the construction of the stairs in the middle. Hovering above the floor in a central position of the room, the cheese resembling stairs offer a fun partition of the living space while connecting this floor level to the next. The steep slope was carefully designed, having treads set at alternating angles, to minimize the space taken up by the stairs without compromising the safety issues. Children will use the stairs “as an inspirational toy that boosts their imagination and develops their creativity.” Do you think that the designer did a good job?