The Amirite Collection was designed by for Dutch company . By combining two opposite materials – steel and wood – the designer constructed a futuristic-looking collection that displays a carefully studied collection of design lines. This furniture series can be the solution for your home if you are looking for a modern and simple yet effective way of furnishing your interiors. Made of a single piece of laser-cut-steel, each piece has its own purpose, but together they compose a unified furniture collection prepared to be admired. Each bent structure sits on metal or wood crafted legs, creating an interesting concept. The whole collection can be customized in color and finishes as you desire, so you will have the perfect version for your home. “The Amirite collection allows for a truly personalized solution to fit a variety of environments, both interior and exterior. This is achieved by allowing the consumer to combine different types of wood legs, painted steel or natural oak, with a multitude of colored bodies.