Caught in between a forest and a meadow, Villa Veth was designed to offer its outdoor-loving inhabitants the best of both worlds: a fascinating natural environment and a sophisticated and comfortable indoor lifestyle. Located in Hattem, the Netherlands, the contemporary villa was designed by 123DV Modern Villas. Modern power floated concrete floors were matched with dark gray stucco and frameless glass walls to create a contemporary display of modern building materials. Not only the materials were carefully chosen, but some of the glass walls were curved to give the south-oriented living area a creative twist and to seamlessly connect the interior to the outdoor patio.  With 475 m2  floor surface spread over two floors and 6,000 square meters of land, Villa Veth is an amazing single family property. This house’s features also allow its owners to enjoy late summer days and night out on the terrace, secured by the comfort of heated floors and a large canopy. The interiors are warm and inviting and a special feature visually unifies the living/cooking/dining zone: the kitchen, storage space, fireplace, piano and audio equipment form an integral part of the custom designed wall unit. I bet you already imagined yourself living there.