White home exteriors seem to be a trend these days, and we know most of you out there are crazy about them. This triggered the idea of putting together a post that will quench your thirst for “immaculate architecture”. We decided to gather up 15 incredible white residences presented on Workingholiday Canada throughout the years and remind you of their unique features. By clicking on each picture, you can see more photos and details about each project. Enjoy the ride and at the end, be sure to give us a hint about which home you like best.

Our first choice is a residence designed by architects Manuel Aires Mateus and located in Portugal, in a high point, overlooking the city of Leiria. Minimalist and contemporary, the home is divided into two distinct areas, one for socializing and one for sleeping. The bedrooms are positioned below ground, with access to private patios that lead to the backyard.

Villa P is an original project developed by Austrian studio Love Architecture. The exterior of this home is truly mesmerizing, from the overall original shape, to the finishes and colors chosen by the architects. Strong visual contrasts are created: the turquoise swimming pool complements the large wooden staircase that connects the garden with the pool and further leads all the way to the upper floor.

Ysy House was designed by Nagoya-based studio Auau and is located in Seto, Japan, in a beautiful but populated forest, on top of a small hill. The charming asymmetrical shape of the residence is well adjusted to the building site and is interesting to observe from every angle. With a matte white finish, the home is very well differentiated within its neighborhood and is quite an attention-grabber. Compact and creative, it is a great example of a clever small home.

Here is another project showcasing a faultless modern design. Dinesh Mills Bungalow comes from atelier dnD and is located just outside the city of Vadodara, India. The exterior is absolutely fascinating, as the house seems to float on a spectacular pool, enriched by a lovely decorating fountain. Its turquoise color contrasts the white walls of the residence, giving the home an intriguing aesthetic effect.

Next up, we have a spectacular beach home that will surely appeal to your exotic side. Initially designed by Ron Sang in the 1980’s, the current owners have recently renovated it, working together with Julian Guthrie of Godward Guthrie Architects. Everything about this building is captivating, inspiring peacefulness and complete relaxation. Just click the photo for more visual details.

Designed by architect Steve Kent and located in Santa Monica, this next residence seems sprung out of a postal card. With a simple rectangular shape, white walls and plenty of colors, 24th Street House looks like a giant gift box.

Villa Valentina is a modern residence situated in Miami Beach, Florida, United States. This glamorous home features no less than 6 bathrooms and 6 bedrooms. Its multi-level terraces and wide windows allow unobstructed views of the beautiful bay, while the strategically placed patio furniture ensures unforgeable moments outdoors- as if the beach were not close enough

Have a look at this intriguing architecture project which seems sprung out from a Sci-Fi movie! The “Ninety7 @ Siglap” house was designed by Aamer Architects and is located in Singapore. The design is said to be inspired by the magnificent views that can be observed from atop Siglap Hill.

Honiton Residence is a stunning looking home designed by MCK Architects which combines traditional elements with contemporary decors. The results? A fascinating crib with plenty of spaces for relaxation, a large outdoor pool that couldn’t be more alluring and interiors that inspire freshness and good taste. We were charmed by the mix of bricks, timber and concrete which gives this home a rustic, friendly feel while in the same time paying tribute to contemporary architecture.

Here is a home from A-cero completed in “La Finca” estate in the town Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid). This project is smaller (1000m2) than the rest of the company’s project. Its dimensions turn it into a comfortable and practical house that offers a maximum life quality. Its modern design based on impossible angles and spectacular volumes make this building one of the maximum exponents of A-cero’s architecture. And a lovely white home on our list today.

This unusual looking residence called Dom Zlomu comes from Paulíny Hovorka Architekti and is situated in the small village of Kynce?ová, close to the town  of Banská Bystrica, Slovakia. The house has a beautiful natural surrounding landscape and overlooks the Tatra mountains.

Here is another residence with an uncommon, yet fascinating architecture. But its design is not the only unusual aspect of this imposing home. The Deronda Residence comes from Space International and is located in Los Angeles, California,  in the Hollywood Hills “just under the shadow of the Hollywood sign”.

We really enjoy it when we find a residential project that has to do with art. Sure, you could say that most buildings relate to art one way or another, but Villa VH en T was especially developed to house the extensive art collection belonging to the owner. This beautiful and creative home comes from Beel & Achtergael Architects, has a total surface of 862 m2 and is located in Flanders, Belgium.

Carrara House was designed by Andres Remy Arquitectos and is located in Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina. With a living space of 660 square meters, the home is located on an irregular lot and oriented so that it captures the best views its environment has to offer. The rustic stone works as a divider of the entry zones while beautifully contrasting with the white walls of the house.

Three floors of fun gathered under one roof and one name: the Nakameguro House created by LEVEL Architects. Constructed in Meguro-ku, one of Tokyo’s municipalities, the residence features an enormous, three-story high slide. The 1,762 square feet property gives its inhabitants and guest the possibility to take the stars going up and use the slide going down when moving through the house.