Located in Canggu, Bali, a small community where anyone can enjoy the tranquil Balinese village life, the Kayu Aga House was designed by Indonesian architect . Pastoral surroundings make the location of this exceptional home better connect to the basic life, but gives the inhabitants the comfort of living in a contemporary residence. Designed for Italian businessman Alberto Agazzi, the house was shaped as a four cornered structure, with three orthogonal sleeping pavilions – each with private garden courts and outdoor bathrooms – and a carport shaping the floor plan. Living and dining spaces are sheltered in the central two-story pavilion, above which an elevated studio and a roof garden seem to be floating. A semi-circular terrace reached via a modern oval bamboo/metal staircase rests on top of the pond adorned with simple white columns. Displaying an architecture harmonious with nature, the Kayu Aga House is shaped out of a series of curved walls and placed facing views to the east of paddy fields and beautiful sunrises.