The Bamboestoel (Dutch for Bamboo Chair) is a great chair design that captures the potential of a fascinating and versatile material. By using one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth to create a standstill of its texture and properties to create a nest-like design, the artists working on the project – Tejo Remy and Rene Veenhuizen – give the impression of considering the implications of loosing contact with our natural environment. It seems to me like bamboo is a material that constantly reminds us of something sensual and precious. Using bamboo instead of wood allows the artist to create a solid yet highly flexible design and the round corners and perfect thickness of the bamboo strips create a stunning representation of natural materials enhanced through modern woodworking techniques. The limited edition bamboo chair we found on BlogDecoDesign could be that object with a story behind it, the great design that adorns your inspired home. Or maybe you have other bamboo chairs you liked and would love to share them with us.