The second edition of the spectacular Ghent Light Festival held in Belgium, for four days (from January 26 to January 29, 2012), displayed quite a few interesting projects. This year’s themes were happiness and music, portrayed in over 30 unique exhibitions. But the focal point of the event is said to have been a giant art installation shaped like a cathedral and made from no less than 55.000 LED lights. According to the official website of the festival, “Belfortstraat (Belfort Street) was the  domain of the Luminarie Cagna. A giant colonnade made of wood and hundreds of thousands of colored lights, with arches that remind one of Romanesque and Renaissance architecture. The entrance area only measured 28 meters high. The audience walked into a fairy tale gallery, surrounded by light and color. Energy Wasted? On the contrary, this immense work of art with 55,000 LED lights consumes only 20Kwatt / h of electricity“. Have a look at the video we found on This is Colossal for more details about the festival and tell us what you think of this art installation.

Lichtfestival Gent 2012 from Lieven Vanoverbeke on Vimeo.