Inspired by children’s constant experimenting – when they either learn how to do or how not to do things – the Time Out Timer Stool was designed to help parents add a twist to those five minute time-outs. Every time the child needs to be punished, the hourglass -shaped Time Out Timer Stool can come in handy – just ask the child to sit on the stool until all the sand has poured down. This exclusive product is available in navy or white and can be purchased for $69.00. Although an excellent idea, the Time Out Timer Stool can be expected to be delivered by mid-summer. Although this stool is not a toy and should be used only under adult supervision, the Time Out Timer Stool is practically a decorative item with functional features. Made out of mango wood, the hourglass stool has a vintage design and can hold up to 150 lbs. Each stool is filled with white sand to time approximately five minutes and help you in disciplining your child.