Vila Madalena is one of Sao Paolo’s culturally agitated districts. People are eagerly involving in conversation and as a general rule, the social skill is very appreciated. Crowded, culturally enriched and most of all, inspiring, the region is bursting with intense activity. The 400 square meters residence, located in this area, was designed by the Brazilian architecture studio, Drucker Arquitetura.  The house is spacious, elegant and last but not least, oriented towards the green landscape. Striking floor to ceiling windows connect the inhabitants (a couple and their three kids) with the garden.

Due to the fact that the house is not isolated, the walls surrounding the house are pretty high. The main idea was to create a space that disconnects from the urban exhausting vibe. The clients also requested more privacy than what a regular neighbourhood house can offer. The transition from the exterior to the interior is almost transparently made. Sliding glass doors create a breezy space, ideal for relaxing and enjoying both the comfort of the sofa and the battery-recharging green courtyard. The modern museum-like interior is transparent and hip, being adorned with fine sophisticated furniture and artistic objects. One of the most interesting items is definitely the staircase, which increases the idea of transparence and fluidity between levels. Back the the courtyard, an emerald-like infinity swimming pool, with a circular opening at the end of it, complete the exterior décor. How do you find it?