The Boaçava House in Sao Paolo, Brazil is a residential project with a strong and rigid structure, supported by asymmetrical concrete volumes and with the lower side “painted” in “red”, as a result of the iron oxide pigmentation. The project has been completed by Una Arquitetos, in 2011, surprising us with its volumes and colorful walls. The industrial-like approach (plenty of concrete has been used in defining it) suits people who are rather into modern and urban details, than cozy elements of décor. The simplicity of this house is striking: the interior walls look the same as the exterior ones, while the exterior wooden deck extends inside the house, connecting the two environments and creating a fluid living space: “wood floor connects this level since the entrance until the pool, bending itself inside the living room.” 

The house and the courtyard are well isolated, providing some extra privacy. There’s a clear contrast between the ground level and the first floor, where the bedrooms are.” It indicates some intimacy, views from these rooms are mediated by reentrant balconies. These extractions ensure diagonal views, multiple light and ventilation accesses emphasizing the sun’s path.” Relaxing and a little less warm than expected, the Boaçava House expresses the urban vibe of a fast-growing city.