We love wall murals that add a little extra to a room, making it feel genuine and creating an overall good mood. This is exactly the case with the work we would like to present today, creatively done by Pixers: “City Never Sleeps is our tribute to the great metropolises that for ages have inspired not only artists, but also most importantly, ordinary people. The cities that are a continuous dazzle of lights and cacophony of noises, but still attract like a magnet.

The cities where hearts of inhabitants beat the same rhythm and where history is created by human passions, dramas and great romances. The cities that never sleep, because when some people say ‘goodnight’, the other say ‘good morning’. The cities where anything can happen and any dream can come true.” We love them all and believe they can truly enhance a modern interior. [Photos and information sent via e-mail by Pixers]