Inspirational and strong connected with the rocky-rough environment, the 4249 House, designed by in Vancouver embraces openness and moreover, integrates natural elements in the mansion’s structure. The boundaries between environments slowly dissolve. The main floor rooms have amazing floor-to-ceiling windows to capture the gorgeous landscape. Cut off on each sides, most of the main floor rooms look like long corridors with side openings, which is great because it gives you the authentic feeling that you are surrounded by the staggering site even when you’re inside.

The house is characterizes by a “chaotic” geometry, inspired by the land’s asymmetry. The ground floor is dedicated to regular household activities such as laundry and storage. The main floor, wider and more luminous accommodates the recreation rooms, the living and the dining room and a beautiful terrace with a jacuzzi. The interior is neat and modern, without shades of extravaganza.