After the clients decided that they wanted to transform their 1920’s duplex into a comfortable and bright living space, they contacted nature humaine to deal with this project. The owners requested three bedrooms and an office space at the second storey. The house looked quite dull and there were plenty of things that needed an upgrade. To start with, the back of the house was transformed completely. The living space became more transparent and more connected to the outdoors. “An emphasis on transparency creates constant visual and physical connections with the backyard.” 

“A cedar clad volume, containing the master bedroom, punches through the glass exterior wall and cantelivers over the backyard, sheltering the patio below. The wood cladding continues through to the inside, blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior.” The ground floor accommodates a living room and an open plan kitchen, oriented towards the courtyard. Airy and comfortable, the interior is nicely organised,  respecting a very simple design line. To create a cozy ambience and a warm living environment, the architects decided to use wood as main material.