Surrounded by boats and all that harbour buzz, the stunning Modern Houseboat 9 completed earlier this year by Graham Baba Architects is something you don’t get to see everyday. Located in Seattle, Washington, this uniquely designed dwelling that floats on the water offers a different perspective of comfort. Life on the water is not as eccentric as some might think. With a box-like structure, the wood planking and the metal additions, the houseboat displays a neat interior with plenty of youthful and fun decorations. The internal areas are delineated through colours and furniture, for the living space has no doors nor panels to obstruct the easy transition from one “room” to another. 

The open and airy floor plan allows unique and beautiful views of the surrounding site. The furniture is incredibly lively and playful, mirroring the owner’s passion for art and culture. The exceptional harbour atmosphere is a thrilling experience, yet not everybody feels comfortable with it. However, those who do enjoy  (to live on) the water, will find this half house half boat project curious and fun.