The Australian architecture studio, Jonathan Lake Architects remodelled this heritage-listed venue in Maylands, Australia, adding a sense of contemporary design to the existing structure. The project completed in 2010 brings to our attention a new timber extension with steel framed openings. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow to flood the interior with light and warmth. The depth generated by the several frames located in the sides articulate a play of light and shades. The exposure of old and new elements is visible, yet not disturbing at all. Contrasting styles brought together cast a dynamic and bold living environment. Despite all contradictions, the space feels uncluttered and harmonious, everything falls into the right place.

Internally a central concrete core creates the organisational and conceptual centre of the project. The concrete brings extra weight and presence to emphasize this. Contained within the core is the kitchen, the heart of the house. Located around the core are the livings spaces and dining room.” The extension opens up to the rear courtyard and garden. There’s also a small wooden deck outside, where you can have coffee in the morning, near the extraordinary eucalyptus tree.