is a Mexican brand of furniture founded by designers Kristian Almonte from Mexico and Italian . The idea of not producing waste is applied by the studio in all the areas of the design process, from the planning stage to the retailing of the product. For today, we would like to present a part of their creative furniture collection, which we believe you will find as captivating as we did. The projects are achieved in collaboration with world-wide designers and each piece is unique.

Clara is an armchair with ottoman envisioned by Mexican designer . Despite its raw appearance, the project inspires elegance and evokes traditional craftsmanship. The designers also assured us that it feels quite comfortable.

Adding personality to your living room can be easily achieved with this fun and creative furniture piece.  Consola  is the master-mind of and its design uses intersecting planes to create different storage spaces that remain visible and within easy reach. A rubber chord net forces interacting with the object, in order to grab the desired stored item. The “stitch” on the surface in an interesting reference to how clothes are usually sewn.

The Iri Lamp by is a reflection on man’s long history with the most basic and natural form of generating light: fire. Its design derives from a bonfire’s basic setup, the shape and form of a flame, but also echoes on the way we consume resources to create light and energy.

Mimì and Cocò are an inseparable couple of mirrors. One is low and rounded, while the other is slender. Mimì takes every opportunity to move from room to room, but unfortunately Cocò is an otiose one, that hardly leaves the place where he resides. She is lively and animated, he is lazy and massive. But despite their different nature, they can never stay away from each other for a long time.

Pancha stool by designer Christian Vivanco offers the perfect balance between functionality, neutrality and fun. It is inspired by household animals: our pets, dogs and cats. Using reused materials such as OSB, and with a configuration that requires no more than a simple assembly, Pancha is an easily separable and recyclable piece of furniture.