When it comes to lighting as a reading companion, the expectations can often go sky-high. This charming book-shaped lamp meets most readers’ demands and does so with elegance. Lumio Lamp is more than a high-performance LED lamp with an ingenious shape; it is a versatile decorating item which we are certain most of you will love. We were given a chance to try out thisinnovative product and here are some of the features we’ve experienced:

A Sophisticated Design

Stylish and discreet, Lumio is available in three versions of wood (walnut, cherry and maple). Each piece combines laser-cut wood cover design with durable water-resistant Tyvek “pages” containing high-performing LEDs: “We put a lot of care and thought into each piece of Lumio- whether it’s the hand selected natural wood, unique laser-cut spine design or the sophisticated electronics that allows it to function intuitively with enough power to light up a room despite its small size“, the designers stated.

Great User Experience

Open the book cover (just like you would do with a regular one) and the light will instantly be switched on. A flexible and durable spine design allows you to control brightness by easily adjusting the angle. Its wireless feature comes in particularly handy; with Lumio, you no longer depend on a switch or a button for a lighting source. What we liked most about it is its ability to be used just like a regular book: you can admire its wooden covers, store it in a bookshelf and carry it around in a bag or even a schoolbag. You can use it anytime inside your home for real reading and take it with you anywhere you’d like outdoors.


The designers created a clever lamp that seems to challenge its users to discover new ways of using it. As you can see in the photo gallery (as well as in the video we’ve uploaded at the end of this post), the lamp can be “unfolded” and displayed in many ways. From task lighting to ambient light and from indoor to temporary outdoor use, this is a project that will constantly surprise you with its diversity.

By simply attaching the magnetic wooden clips between the covers of the book and then the leather strap (these are all accessories you will find in the delivery package), you can hang the product wherever you want, thus achieving the feel of an intricate pendant lamp. Think a circular lamp is too much?- open it to create a half circle or open it just a little if you only need to take a pill during the night for example. With its cordless capability and magnetized cover, Lumio gives you the freedom to use it in a variety of circumstances.

Lumio comes in a beautifully presented package which contains the “book” itself, a leather strap, a woven-cord micro-USB charger and two round wooden pieces which contain rare-earth magnets. The wooden pegs help create all these lovely lamp configurations. Light comes from four internal LEDs, two for each cover, all barely noticeable. If you plug in the USB cable and charge it fully, you can enjoy 8 hours of battery life with constant use.


  1. Dimension: 6.5” W x 8.5” H x 1.25” T  and 16.5cm W x 21.5cm H x 3cm T
  2. Weight: Approx. 1.5 lbs (0.7 kg)
  3. Battery: 11,400 mAh re-chargeable Lithium Polymer ; 8 hours with constant use
  4. Light Source: 2700K soft white Hi-output LED 500 Lumen – 50K hour lifespan
  5. Charging & Power:  Micro USB charger  4.4w

The lamp is currently available for sale and you can order one at the Lumio online Shop, for $160.00. Enjoy the presentation video below for a general understanding of the project and please let us know what you think of this unconventional book-shaped lamp!