A young growing family commissioned Alexandra Fedorova to design a modern 165 square-meter apartment in a green Moscow neighborhood. You may remember Fodorova’s latest projects, this minimalist-contemporary home in the Sparrow Hills residential complex or the luxurious apartment spiced up with inspiring furniture elements in Moscow’s Zelenograd region. This time we are looking at a sophisticated design paying tribute to modern living, but also incorporating a high level of comfort and warmth. Natural materials are used throughout the living area in order to generate an inviting atmosphere.

The walls are decorated with wooden panels and suede, while the floors have natural stone and oak finishes. Unlike most modern schemes, this is one place where dynamics is present in a tasteful manner. The subtle white, light brown and beige tones are contrasted by the yellow upholstery of the chairs in the dining area and by the vivid green pots in the bedroom. Inspiring decorative elements are placed in key areas, enhancing the visual appeal of otherwise dull corners. We will let you discover more, by going through the gallery below. [Photography credits: Alexandra Fedorova Design Studio]