For those interested in design and its infinite possibilities, have a look at these Canadian passports and their surprising security feature! Canada’s newest passport designs may look common at a first glance ( with the information and photo area, along with the typical numbered pages), but if you place one under UV lighting, everything changes. Security additions that are revealed by black light are common, but this is something special and you have probably already understood why.

Take a look at the gallery below and head here to see original photos taken of Canadian passports. What a strange revelation the images turn out to be: each standard-looking page of the passport (including historical figures, well-known monuments and national symbols) is added pattern and color, resulting in miniature artistic works, only visible under a ‘black light’ or an ultra-violet light source. While the new colorful passports have been in use since July 2013, the media hasn’t “celebrated” their design until recently. We thought we would share the news further and see if they create buzz in the design industry as well. How do you find them?