8A House was recently completed by in Puebla, a vibrant city in Mexico. The south facade of the project may lead one to think this is a modern home design based on a symmetric approach. But as you move forward, you will discover a complex geometry, one that facilitates an optimum connection to the outdoors, without compromising in privacy: “8A house was planned to attain the best orientation for each space, resulting in different external nodes turned into terraces, which allow the entry of sunlight. These spaces generate private gardens and patios as focal elements from the inside, and as green and living areas for the user”, explained the architects.

Moreover, the relations among spaces are established by “creating platforms, which provoke different changes in the interior heights and in the floor levels, defining the way the user wanders through the house.” Concrete, marble, wood, glass, natural stone, steel are just some of the materials employed in the design scheme. Balancing simplicity of form with attention to detail, these materials create interesting visual contrasts that make the space feel complex and alive. Enjoy the virtual tour! [Photos by: Patrick López & ]