added a contemporary extension to Bridport Residence, a Victorian-style home located on Bridport Street, in Melbourne, Australia. According to the project developers, this new two-story terrace “makes optimal use of the northerly aspect, and creates a quiet safe haven to the rear of the property. Natural materials, and sense of scale and light make this extension family friendly and easily connected to the outdoor spaces surrounding the informal living spaces.”

A smooth indoor-outdoor transition is what the architects aimed for in this project: “The use of a restrained aesthetic for the contemporary addition sits comfortably against the renovated terrace, which provides the more formal entertaining spaces and master suite. The small juliet balcony creates connections with the upstairs activities and is a point of interest when viewed from the kitchen and BBQ courtyard.” We particularly appreciate the well-kept facade of this Victorian home (last photo of this post), which does not seem to tell the secret of the architects’ modern intervention. How would you personally comment on the design of this terrace extension in Australia? [Photography by ]