“Places grow when we fill them with experiences,” says Hungarian design studio Planbureau. The studio’s new product, Logiplaces, depict cityscapes molded from concrete, allowing users to explore locations near and far in a new way: through touch.

Instead of using symbols such as crosshatches and red dots for street signs and landmarks, these tactile maps focus on terrain, creating a unique way for users to explore a new place. The 3D puzzles, available in either 16 or 36 pieces, are both a challenging toy and a desktop adornment.

The studio starts by using a 3D printer for the mold, giving the sculpture accurate geographical detail. The puzzles themselves are made out of concrete poured into the mold. After the mold is removed, some detail is added by hand to enhance the map’s realism.

Four Logiplaces are available for purchase: Budapest, Zermatt (in the Swiss Alps), the Grand Canyon and San Francisco. The next map printing will be voted on by contributors on Indiegogo. However, if you can’t wait for a depiction of your hometown, Planbureau takes custom orders.