Nestled between the Teton Range to the west and the Gros Ventre Range to the east in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA, this modern mountain home is a dream home to Clay Heighten and his wife, Debra Caudy. It’s in some ways a dream they didn’t know they had.

Leaving most decisions to Larry Pearson of Pearson Design Group (who’s impressive portfolio could make anyone take this decision) the owners themselves were positively baffled by the results. Absorbing the fascinating landscape it rests in, this astounding modern mountain home is a 5,400-square-foot retreat built in only 16 months for a total budget of $4 million.

Simply known as JH Modern, the contemporary mountain home was tailored exactly to the owner’s wishes. They requested a home that would blend with the surroundings and have outdoor living areas — a place where they could leave the door open to walk in and out. This translated into the architect’s brilliant idea of substituting the entry hall with an outdoor room. This front deck became the focal point,  the furniture here was chosen to withstand harsh weather. Panoramas and subtle blending of building materials compose an awe-inspiring overall appeal.

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