The Gallop House in Singapore was designed by architecture studio Formwerkz for a developer and his extended family. The three-story building resembles a narrow rectangular box, with a perpendicular lap pool extending toward a treehouse.

“We like the idea that, from the main street, the massing recalls the old black-and-white colonial bungalows, often sited on the higher plateau and served by a long driveway,” the designers said. “Visitors enter the residence through the rectangular archway and ascend an external staircase to arrive at the veranda along the west-facing facade.”

The main level contains the main living space, dining room and kitchen. It’s partially embedded in the hillside and opens directly onto the veranda. Travertine stone, teak and local timber are used throughout the interiors for an elegant feel.

“A layer of timber slats shields the bedroom balconies on the upper volume,” the designers said. “The slats extend to envelop the mono-pitched metal roof, creating a ventilation system. Internally, staggered double-volume spaces connect all three floors, allowing the house to be ventilated effectively.”

These slatted screens add not only ventilation, but also protection from the sun. What do you think of this contemporary Singapore home? [Photography by Albert Lim]