Located in a newly built residential complex in Bucharest, Romania, this 538 square-foot home, named Apartment No. 3, optimizes space and light. Bogdan Ciocodeică & Diana Roşu teamed up to design a cozy apartment that offers both aesthetic harmony and functionality.

“Like with any other project, we tried to envision the owners’ daily paths, from the moment they step inside the apartment, until they go to bed at night,” the architects said. “We tried to make the space as comfortable as possible, to create a positive state of mind and that homey feeling everyone longs for.”

The layout is subtly divided in two, with the kitchen, dining and living spaces located on the left, and the bedrooms and bathrooms situated on the right. From the living room couch, one can see all the other areas of the house: the dining place, the bedroom and the kitchen.

Concrete, metal and glass are complemented by softer accents of wood and smooth white textiles to create a visual and textural balance. A metal-framed room divider separates the bedroom and living area, providing quality soundproofing, while the white curtains add a stylish, fluid touch to the overall design scheme. “We paid special attention to the interior lighting which adapted to every corner, creating a dynamic, stenographic atmosphere,” the designers added. [Photos by Radu Sandovici & Andrei Mărgulescu]

 What do you think of the use of light and space in this cozy apartment?