Do you want to see how a builder’s home looks like? Here is Marnie Oursler’s former home, the Lookout, a beautiful white and blue Bethany Beach house. Customized to her own needs and desires, the Lookout is a modern beach home in a wonderful location: Bethany Beach, Delaware.

Marnie had her whole life been surrounded by some form of design, be it the family-owned building business or her later attraction to real estate. “Marnie had a successful turn selling real estate after college, but it was when locals recognized the beautiful, creative and innovative design of her own newly-built Bethany Beach home—and inquired about building theirs—that she knew her DNA was destiny. It was time to launch Marnie Custom Homes.” The designer’s love for warm materials, natural color and textures were expressed throughout her formerly owned Bethany Beach house.

Seeing her in photos taken at the Lookout, Marnie seems to be the one lending her brightness to the space and not the other way around. “Space proportions and sophisticated comfort were my two main priorities when building my home, The Lookout. I wanted to make sure the furniture was comfortable and that the rooms were cozy, yet not too laid back.  I used different textures such as stone walls, brick walls, hard wood flooring, a wood wall in one of the bedrooms, and a lot of interior trim. The house is 3,400 square feet but I still wanted it to feel comfortable and not too big, and I accomplished that using cathedral ceilings and different roof lines” says Marnie Oursler, founder and president of Marnie Custom Homes.

Marnie Oursler designed and built the home for herself, but just sold it in May 2015. We look forward to seeing new projects, based on the designer’s creative solution finding skills and backed by inspiration from new customers. Meanwhile, we would love to know what you liked most about the bright Bethany Beach house, so let us know in the comments below.