Terry and Terry Architecture completed the Skyline House, a family home located on top of the Eastbay mountain range in California, USA. An impressive remodel of a former firestorm house, the project frames views of the city of Oakland and the southwest Bay.

The clients’ brief requested an open plan residence that maximized the connection to the existing garden and deck. Social areas needed to offer flexibility and opportunities for family gatherings.

“The design consists of shrouding the open common space in a wood tube that connects the garden in the front to the viewing deck at the rear,” the architects explained. “The roof of the tube form is warped out creating a large volume for the living space that echoes the contours of the hillside it resides on. The main living space becomes the connector of the two contrasting outdoor spaces.”

An outdoor dining area was implemented by extending the living room into the front garden. The interior design is clean and contemporary; wood and glass make each room feel inviting, yet boundless.

For indoor activities, the designer came up with a media & projection room situated on the lower floor. This is also where the bedroom and office area are located. [Photography courtesy of Terry and Terry Architecture]