The Du Tour Residence in Montréal, Canada is the result of a renovation project completed by Open Form Architecture in collaboration with interior design firm FX Studio. Initially designed by an architect in the ‘60s, the project features many of the time period’s distinctive architectural details preserved during the rehabilitation process.

The main challenge was to transform the home’s interior into a contemporary space without losing its character and the originality associated with it. The creative team focused on highlighting the building’s “prairie style” architecture by reintroducing the use of natural wood.

The interior of this family home was transformed into a modern contemporary space which encourages socializing and blends with the deck space for outdoor relaxation. Stone and wood accents were employed for a natural look in both interior and exterior living spaces.

These terraces on each end of the horizontal dwelling increase the feeling of symmetry and domestic balance. The covered terrace to the northeast overlooks a small stream flowing into Rivière des Prairies. At the other end, more than 110 feet away, the second veranda faces south and is connected to the gym and sauna located in the basement. What do you think of the way this Canada residence fuses old and new?