Located in Kansas City’s Westside neighborhood, this modern city home is rising thanks to Studio Build. The 1653 Residence has “hidden treasures” embedded in its design. The master bedroom is one of them, alongside the master bathroom. These private spaces were imagined to become sanctuaries of love and privacy within the city limits.

Spreading over 2,800 square feet, the modern city home is not only beautiful, inspiring and functional, it also has several features coveted by city dwellers because of their scarcity. Off-street parking is one of these features. Another is the skylight. In a densely populated city, natural light can be scarce. Drawing in light from the above, the skylight in the master bathroom is one of the wonderful surprises inside this modern city home.

The architect says: “By approaching the house on axis with the interior circulation, the order of the house is established immediately. The partition is very simple; the public and private spaces are divided by the vertical circulation. This allows the floor plan to be reasonably open with minimal walls. Roughly 2,800 square feet, this unique, compact and simple modern home has 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and a completely open office located on the third floor.”

“This home is filled with custom casework designed and fabricated by Studio Build at their office, located a few blocks away in Kansas City’s Crossroads District. One of the most unique elements of this house is the master bathroom. It is revealed by passing through one of the built-in closet doors. The soaking tub is inside of the shower enclosure, and skylights flood the space with natural light. Off-street parking is always in high demand in urban neighborhoods. This house has a full two-car garage accessed from the alleyway behind the house.

Bob Greenspan Photography captured the modern city home from many angles. We can see how the home imposes its tall, elegant shape on daily activities. And check out this YouTube video walking us through the home before adding furniture. It’s easy to get a glimpse of the flow from one space into the next and imagine how you would use the given space.

Let us know what you think about this home. Does it look like something you’d like to own?