Located on a natural plateau in the middle of the forest, the rustic Barn House by Estudio Valdés Arquitectos is an example of sustainable architecture. This welcoming summer refuge in Lago Ranco, in the Los Ríos region of Chile, is 2,067 square feet and was built using materials recycled from an old barn.

As you enter, you are greeted by a single interior hall with a rectangular floor plan. Exposed wooden beams reign over the space, defining the project’s charming, rustic style. Floor-to-ceiling windows on all sides open up the house to the hypnotizing forest views.

The program of the summer house gives priority to common spaces: The terrace, the living room and the dining room are situated in the main hall. This leaves the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and service areas all together in one of the corners of the barn, forming an L shape.

According to the architects, “The common area is completely transparent, formed by the sequence of ribs of trusses and pillars at sight and closed with thermo panel glass. The bedrooms and service area make up an opaque volume, sheltered under the roof of the shed, all coated with recycled wood.” [Photography by Felipe Díaz Contardo]