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Did our post 40 Small Bedroom Ideas To Make Your Home Look Bigger inspire you to give your tiny bedroom a makeover? Great … but where do you get the right space-saving furniture and accessories to make your small bedroom as awesome as the ideas? Good news: You’ve come to the right place. Here are 85 ideas for beds, storage, case goods, closet walls, mirrors, bookcases, desks and lighting for your small bedroom.

Here are the nine space-saving furniture categories we cover:


Let’s start with the most important piece in the bedroom: the bed. Just because you’re space-challenged doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a beautiful, inviting bed. The secret to space-saving furniture is to find items that work double duty. Here are some beds that offer plenty of storage space to declutter and beautify your small bedroom.

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space saving beds

Numbers correspond with the products listed below.

1.  and  let you add as many shelves as you need to the headboard and can be cut to fit your wall. The base comes with drawer storage beneath.
2.  is available in 14 colors and has open space beneath for items.
3. in chocolate is minimalist enough to stand alone; add one of the under-bed storage options for more space.
4.  has plenty of storage in the headboard and base.
5.  has a drawer that opens in the front when a small bedroom is narrow.
6. is two-tone in walnut with white storage drawers.
7. makes innovative bed systems in a variety of styles, all with a pop-up storage option.
8. is elegant, light and tall enough to hide boxes and items underneath. Add a bedskirt if you don’t want to see what’s under the bed.

Under-Bed Storage

Take back space from the dust bunnies with these under-bed storage products:

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under the bed

Numbers correspond with the products listed below.

1. makes stylish wicker boxes specifically for under-bed storage.
2.  is sturdy enough for heavy items and has wheels.
3. has a chalkboard panel for labeling.
4.  rolls, comes in black and white and has a cover to keep out dust.
5. has a clear panel to see the contents.
6. slides easily for daily access.
7.  come in pairs sized for a full or queen bed.
8.  has wheels for ease of access.
9. is striking enough to look great wherever storage is needed.
10.  stores bulky items such as winter gear or blankets.

Tip: Check out our post on bedding ideas for a luxurious, hotel-like bed to make yours more inviting.

Case Goods

Storage can be a challenge in a small bedroom. But there are some great apartment-size dressers, chests and nightstands on the market. Some of the best space-saving furniture for your bedroom include:

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Numbers correspond with the products listed below.

1.  uses height and multifunctional storage including shelves and drawers to maximize space.
2.  comes in a handful of colors and serves as a multipurpose nightstand.
3. is 36 inches wide and 18 inches deep to fit small bedrooms.
4.  makes an industrial-chic, colorful nightstand and comes in several colors.
5.  works as a narrow, nightstand with vertical storage.
6.  is 18 inches deep and can hide a bevy of items.
7.  can tuck around your bed to work as a tray table.
8.  is a mere 14 inches wide and 12 inches deep to work in the tiniest of bedrooms.
9.  is a creative side table option; hang one or more as needed.
10.  provides narrow and cheerful storage.

Tip: Don’t fret if you can’t have the traditional set of two nightstands and a dresser in your bedroom. You can always work with one nightstand, house your small dresser in the closet (if space allows) or use bookshelves or floating ledges as nightstands.

Closet Wall/Wardrobe

If you don’t have a closet or it’s just too small, consider adding a closet wall around your bed or on an open bedroom wall. Closet walls, available in space-saving, narrow depths, take advantage of the bedroom’s height to maximize storage and add a sleek look to your small bedroom. Here are some of the best narrow closet-wall systems, wardrobes and wall units:

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small bedroom storage ideas

Numbers correspond with the products listed below.

1. is chic in black and white.
2.  is reflectively modern in high-gloss teal.
3.  works as both storage and a dressing mirror.
4.  looks just like a modern, custom built-in.
5.  is sleek and comes with space-saving sliding doors.
6.  is tall and narrow enough to group more than one on a wall.
7.  looks like a vintage trunk.

Tip: Add lighting to your closet wall interiors.

Over-the-Door Storage

Make use of valuable wall (and door) space by mounting additional storage to the back of your door. How about using nail-free over-the-door storage that simply hangs on your door? Here are some clever options:

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Numbers correspond with the products listed below.

1.  has plenty of pockets for storage.
2.  is perfect for hanging items.
3.  is lightweight and sturdy enough to load up.
4.  has a corkboard, mirror and more.
5.  organizes handbags without taking up space.
6.  is a favorite, thanks to its 24 clear pockets.
7. is an updated way to organize 36 pairs of shoes.
8.  organizes your jewelry and comes with a mirror.
9.  makes a quick and versatile catch-all for bags, coats, hats and scarves.
10.  has three rattan baskets.

Tip: Clear, behind-the-door shoe hangers can be used for much more than just shoes.

Multipurpose Mirrors

Mirrors are a great addition to a small bedroom because they reflect light and give the illusion of a bigger room. They also can take up valuable wall space — unless you choose one of these smart, multipurpose mirrors:

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Numbers correspond with the products listed below.

1.  is a mirror and jewelry chest in one.
2.  adds a photo album to its door.
3.  serves double duty in a small space.
4.  has an integrated shelf for small items.
5.  has four shelves and a drawer.
6.  is earth-friendly and versatile.
7.  offers storage and style.
8. is a great wall-mounted small-space solution.
9.  has plenty of hooks and a mirror for touch-ups.
10. offers wall-mounted storage including baskets and shelf options.

Bookcases/Wall Shelves

Bookcases and wall shelves are the perfect small-bedroom storage idea. They’re modern and versatile, and — if chosen well — they don’t take up valuable space. Our post 10 Floating Shelves to Create Contemporary Wall Displays has a collection of some of the best floating shelves. Here are some modern bookcases that are space-saving furniture options for your small bedroom:

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Numbers correspond with the products listed below.

1.  is crafted of metal and mirrored shelves.
2.  can be stacked to hold even more.
3.  comes with centered drawers for the little things.
4. has a minimalist design.
5.  can be placed horizontally or vertically and in groups.
6.  is a modular unit meant for stacking.
7.  makes use of forgotten corners.
8.  spins like a Lazy Susan for easy access.
9.  is lightweight and designed for small spaces.
10.  are modular crates that can be customized to fit your space.

Tip: Don’t have room for a dresser but need storage for socks and other small items? Add a couple of baskets or boxes to the bottom shelf of your bookcase to serve as drawers.


A workspace is often necessary in a bedroom, and a small-bedroom office can be practical and attractive if you have the right desk. No room for a chair? Use a stool that can serve as a nightstand when not in use. Here are some space-saving desks for your small bedroom:

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Numbers correspond with the products listed below.

1. is a perfect small-bedroom desk option.
2.  is less than 30 inches wide; use one as a nightstand/desk combo, if space permits.
3.  takes up minimal space physically and visually.
4.  in light oak is a space-saving option.
5.  expands as more space is required.
6. is a pared-down version of the company’s Mid-Century Desk.
7.  is small and organic with a wood slab look.
8. is versatile enough to work as more than a desk.
9. can be moved from wall to wall.
10.  is a fold-down option in a mahogany finish.

Tip: Use wall space to get items off your writing surface by adding shallow, floating ledges under and over your desk for additional storage. Shelves and wall-mounted storage help keep your desktop clear and uncluttered.


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Numbers correspond with the products listed below.

1. Litesource Eveleen Floor Lamp with Tray Table at lampsplus.com has a built-in glass table; try it as a nightstand.
2.  has mid-century flair and plenty of function.
3.  is a wall-mounted lamp with an integrated steel shelf.
4. Gen 2 i-Tower Daylight LED Floor Lamp at lampsplus.com is small and sleek but offers plenty of light.
5. George Kovacs Arc Floor Lamp at eurostylelighting.com illuminates a room from an out-of-the-way corner.
6.  are colorful and narrow enough for the smallest side table.
7. is narrow and casts a bright glow.
8.  is a design classic, now in a space-saving sconce version.
9.  serves as a triple-duty piece.
10.  has a clear glass base to minimize visual bulk and display objects underneath.