Zagreb-based designer created “Life”, an original chest of drawers developed from a centuries-old oak tree. The project was made using material that is no longer needed for life support: logs that would be used as firewood, if not “given another chance”. The majority of treatment was reduced to manual labor, as the designer hand-treated all the twists and curves of the wood in order to achieve a smooth finish. Compounds at the corners cabinets are hand-cut and processed in “dovetails” for strength and durability, but also as a statement highlighting the traditional blend.

The new modern high drawers in black sheet metal and glass contrast the old wood which dates back up to 300 years: “I love the contrast of the furniture in dark and light, straight and curved; as in life, nothing is ever completely black nor completely white. One opposites the other and emphasizes the diversity of the world“, the designer stated. The chest is coated with a mixture of beeswax, linseed, and Tung oil. The dimensions of this unconventional piece- width 180 cm x depth 50 cm x height 75 cm- make it a focal point in any large-sized interior in need of personality. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by designer Hrvoje Vulama]