Designed and implemented by Apio Arquitectos in Lago Todos Los Santos, Chile, Casa LTS is surrounded by native forests, volcanoes and a beautiful lake. This contemporary dream retreat is located on a high slope edge on a rocky shore and was especially envisioned as a week-end residence for a small family. According to the architects, this site came with its unique challenges: “The terrain has over 1.5 meters (4.92 feet) of topsoil on its surface, which required us to have a strategy regarding the choice of materials and construction system, to facilitate water transport and installation by hand without the use of heavy machinery.”

“With these factors as preliminary conditions, coupled with the idea of respecting and intervening the natural terrain as little as possible, a construction system of pillars and steel beams was proposed, allowing us to perch above the line of relief and generate minimal contact points and foundations, thus avoiding the excavation of the hill”, the developing team further stated. The interiors are planned around a central living room, containing the dining area and kitchen. All the furniture units were created from the materials that remained after the completion of the building. A warm ambiance can be perceived throughout the rooms, due to extensive use of wood. [Photos by Alejandra Valenzuela]