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Perfectly imperfect— These two little words summarize the vast design philosophies of Interior Designer and Owner of , Jennifer Visosky.

Although, Visosky’s designs are anything but imperfect. She contains this cool, laid-back approach to design, creating rooms that are natural, stripped back and speak to who the owner is. In Visosky’s own words she, “…wants to create rooms that feel good and are not contrived and unlivable.”

We sat down with this talented designer to discuss her insights into the future of interior design, asking where she sees the design world heading, where her clients are taking her, and where she hopes to be in the next year.

Our conversation flowed like a glass of fine champagne–light, bubbly and fun. Take a peak into our conversation to learn more about the future of interior design from one of the many talented design resources that America has to offer:

Imbibing Personality Into Design

Everyone is finding their voice. This is the trend that Visosky is noticing among her recent clientele.

Clients are coming to me with piles of pictures that they have sourced from online design platforms such as Workingholiday Canada, Houzz and Pinterest. My role is changing as I have clients come to me with firmly contrived ideas and plans for their home.

All of these online design platforms are, in a sense, a double-edged sword. While they help designers and clients discern their design sense, they can also confuse everyone involved.

When a client comes to me with so many ideas and pictures that they have sourced online, it can be difficult to weed through all of that content and get to the root of what the client really wants—and make it original rather than some copy of a picture they found.

Visosky points out that the online sources are fabulous, but then the client needs to trust the designer  to go forward and make those ideas original and personal to the homeowner.

Labels Are Loosening

Design types and styles are marrying into a happy, unique union.

Gone are the days of the classic rules of design. Specific styles seem to be disappearing; there is a marriage of a lot of styles into one creative space.

Visosky feels that home designs and office designs are both getting stripped back to the bare bones, creating a final product that is a comfortable and unique extension of the client—without an over-styled theme.

I want to create of-the-moment rooms for my clients; rooms where they can feel creative, or unwind and tune-out the hectic world around them.

Indeed, it seems the rules of design are changing and the reigns are loosening, allowing designers to create unique homes that perhaps are the burgeoning new styles of the future or new ‘rules’ of design.

 Back To The Future

Just look to the new song by Bruno Mars, Uptown Funk. It may seem silly but I think that song epitomizes the design world right now.

Visosky has a very interesting point whereby she relates the current trends in the world of music and fashion to interior design.

The design world is taking a cue from music and fashion—lyrics and clothing are stepping back in time to a 50’s and 60’s feel good era that was happy, understated and natural. This laid back way of thinking is showing up everywhere in interior designs.

Visosky is mixing high-end materials with flea market finds like never before. She is creating rooms that are casual, yet really thought out.

A lot goes into the details, yet somehow the room doesn’t look detail-oriented.

Palettes Are Changing

Color is still huge, but it’s tempered.

Visosky feels that grey is going, going, gone.  While there will always be room for grey, and it can be done amazingly well when the lighting is right, Visosky thinks that color palettes are moving back to the basics of white.

White is a classic concept that can be layered and tempered with textiles. It is not a crisp white, but a soft, approachable and most importantly, livable white.

While white-on-white rooms are brave and bold, they can often be unattainable for busy families. Visosky sees a palette of white walls, floors and cabinets, instead.

It needs to be realistic. I think people are heading toward a white bone structure ( cabinets, walls, floors) and building on the design from there.

What an interesting conversation we had with this intriguing interior designer. We love her ideas and insights! You can find Jennifer Visosky though her website . Visosky and her staff are proud to say that they use Workingholiday Canada in their office on a daily basis.

” I look forward to reading my daily Workingholiday Canada piece, and I often forward it to my clients.”