Located on Ben Gurion Boulevard in Tel Aviv, Israel, this creative home designed by comes with three bedrooms and a total surface of 110 square meters. According to the architects, the apartment was initially full of small niches, and featured a dark, narrow diagonal corridor. The renovation process took about three and a half months. A new socializing area was designed, with large balcony and luxurious sitting area overlooking the street. Additionally, a large master bedroom was envisioned, next to a second bedroom and luminous home office.

Two major elements sparked up the idea behind the design: “The location in the heart of Tel Aviv and the Mashrabiyya element on the front of the apartment was the starting point for the design concept – When Urban meets Ethnicity. The public area includes the living room, the big terrace, kitchen and dinning area in one large functional open space combining various seating and hosting options.” One of the most striking interiors of the house is the master bedroom, with an integrated bathroom and floating shower. What are your thoughts on the overall composition this apartment displays? [Photos by: Adi Cohen Zedek]